Why Libra?

Why Libra?

Why choose us to supply your cold rolled sections when there are so many others in this market? Here are seven top reasons why we believe you should choose us over the competition. 1. Quality products...

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Staff Gallery

Want to put a name to a face? Here they are in all their glory (well the ones that were happy to be photographed).

Simon Scowcoft: Managing Director
Simon Scowcroft
Managing Director
About Simon:
Simon joined the company in 2011 and has previously been involved with products associated with the Interiors Building Trade. Simon has become very protective of Libra’s employees and place in the market. He likes to run a happy productive company with happy productive customers – feel free to give him a call with any comments you have on Libra – he will be pleased to hear from you.
San Hamza: UK Sales Administrator
San Hamza
Marketing & Sales Executive
About San:
San joined the Libra family in 2013 with significant experience in marketing in manufacturing. San’s role is split between managing Libra’s marketing requirements via both digital and traditional marketing channels, as well as developing accounts for our builders’ merchant customers. San is always looking for new ideas on how to develop Libra’s market – let him know if you have any!
Wendy Fenn: Buyer
Wendy Fenn
About Wendy:
Wendy is again a long serving employee working in various areas of the company. Wendy’s main task is the procurement of raw materials where she is a master, much to the chagrin of some of our suppliers, but she is always honest and fair. Wendy is another key factor in Libra’s customer service, always making sure we have the correct material available for production.
Peter Allen: Marketing Manager
Peter Allen
Technical Sales Manager
About Peter:
Peter has worked at Libra for more years than he can remember! He started in the position of Production Engineer on the Shop Floor and has progressed to his present role which also involves technical aspects of the business. Peter's wealth of knowledge specifically relating to the existing product range, contributes greatly in supporting the Sales Team and leading the company forward in innovation.
Dan Berry: Production Manager
Dan Berry
Production Manager
About Dan:
Dan started his career at Libra as a Mill Operator, the perfect grounding for his present position. His job requires the ability to take the constant pressures of a demanding Sales Department which he takes in his stride mainly due to his aptitude for good planning and shared passion for customer service.
David Rees: Business Development Manager
David Rees
Business Development Manager
About David:
David is a long standing employee of Libra, starting his service on the shop floor where he gained a depth of knowledge which has made him one of the leading authorities in our business sector. David’s management has seen the company grow significantly, through his knowledge, skill and passion for customer service – complimented by Libra’s excellent sales team.
Bryony Scowcroft: Sales Administrator
Bryony Scowcroft
Sales Administrator
About Bryony:
Bryony joined Libra in 2012 and as well as cultivating excellent customer relations also manages the aluminium partitioning side of Libra’s business. Bryony takes pride in getting the job right and manages to fit purchasing, production planning and sales administration all into the same day.
Lisa: Accounts Manager
Lisa Parry
Accounts Manager
About Lisa:
Lisa joined Libra in 2015 and has proved herself very adept at the daily control of Libra’s finances. Lisa is very keen on detail and throws herself headlong into the task at hand always cheerful, always conscientious.
Lee: Transport
Lee Holland
About Lee:
Lee is the final link in our customer service team as he is responsible for getting the product to our customers’ doors - on time. This is a high pressure job which Lee handles with amazing calmness and efficiency.
Mandy: Sales Administrator
Mandy Russon
Sales Administrator
About Mandy:
Mandy covers all aspect of Libra’s connections with our customers and works hard to ensure we continue to give the best service. Mandy likes to keep busy, so please send her your orders.
Martin: Finance Manager
Martin Harrison
Finance Manager
About Martin:
Martin joined Libra in 2015 and is an experienced financial manager. He also has an unusually happy disposition for an accountant – he puts this down to working with a marvellous team of people. Martin is a stickler for detail and does not rest until everything is in order (with the financials anyway).
Libra Systems is a company that really epitomises the philosophy that their customers are king. They are easy to talk to and a delight to deal with.

Brent Horton, Nevill Long

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